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An entertaining but relevant look at Tangential Learning and the divide between “edu” games and mainstream video games. Well done to the authors (Daniel Floyd & James Portnow) for recognising that this style of education tends to become a historians utopia (as most of the ‘learning’ tends to quickly descend into historical) and providing some alternate examples… possibly could have explored that a bit more though.

Reading the comments on the youtube page is interesting too as many say what they’ve learned through this approach in current mainstream video games.

Game Based Teaching: the facet of education that is being talked about and sometimes done on a lesson basis - but it’s great to see someone whose done it as a whole of school foundation. Katie Salen, Game designer and director of the Quest2Learn school in New York, discusses with BigThink about her schools game based pedagogy.

…but also began to work on some of these 21st century skills that people are talking about—collaboration, working in teams, complex problem-solving, systems thinking, being able to kind of design and find resources.